Mantra for Monday…A New Year Awaits

So this is it…another year ticked off.

How does that make you feel? Think about that for a moment.

Did you set goals, write lists, challenge yourself? No doubt many of you did (myself included). But did you achieve them or are you now reflecting back on this year and instead of seeing all those positive moments where you did indeed flourish and grow, you focus on the unfinished, the failures and the negative in a given situation.

I know from my own experience, I can be very negative if I allow myself to be. I am naturally very self-critical and over the past year I have been working hard to reorientate that mindset in a productive way…it’s still a work in progress! More on all that another time, but sitting quietly now as I write this post, I can hear my thoughts more clearly, and appreciate just how much I have achieved both physically and mentally, that is regardless of just how much I have actually ‘completed’. Sometimes the process of learning and growth is more important than the outcome as seen by others.

‘What others think’ is still an area of my life than needs much focus. I still care too much and I still stop myself short in order to ‘fit in’ or not ‘disappoint’ based on others expectations. Why do I do that and why should I feel the need for justification? Maybe you are asking yourself a similar question?  Your life is your own and you only get one shot. By all means make sure those around you that you care about will not be negatively impacted, but beyond that you should have no need for justification….

…Live the life you want to lead. Yes, you’ll raise questions and raise eyebrows, and yes there is a chance that those around you will get defensive and rebellious since you may be doing exactly what they also want to do deep down. That can be a hard one, but roll with it, embrace it and ultimately help those around you to do it to by showing them the way.
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