Merry Christmas!

And so Christmas Day draws to a close... I hope your day has been filled with family, friends, fun, food and all the other words the of the alphabet that don't begin with an 'f'!!

Mine went something along these lines...

Early hours of the morning once everyone had gone to bed...creep downstairs with bags of foodie gifts and build hamper complete with cellophane and ribbons to add to the collection of presents under the tree!

3am...go to sleep.....8:15am get up! (no idea why I went to bed quite that late!)

9:30am all my family (mum, dad, brother and sister) have made it downstairs and I make everyone breakfast.....a larger version of the Christmas cranberry baked oatmeal.

10:30am onwards...presents, chocolate, music, wrapping paper, peeling veggies (I was in charge of sprouts), food, pudding, films, chill out, evening snacks, dips, nuts, more chocolate, singing songs around the guitar.....zzzzzzzz.

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