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Silent Sunday no. 52: Inspired in 2012

I know this is a ‘Silent’ Sunday…but I’m breaking the rules. Sometimes rules are there to be broken!

I was running out of days in the run up to the New Year…so I decided to combine my usual singular Silent Sunday photo with my monthly ‘Inspired’ Instagram roundup post….so now you have a brief visual summary of the year in photos, photos of the largely non-food kind, photos that have inspired me with a feeling of wellness and brought a smile to me life!

What has inspired you most this year?  I’d love you to share...

Holiday in Cornwall... chilly Easter winds!

My first trip to Wholefoods Kensington

Charity balloon release

My favourite tree

First potatoes of the year

My first cake sale

Homegrown strawberries

Camping trip to Mount Snowdon

Apples from the tree

Summer skies

Ducks on a sunset walk

Birthday cheesecake!

Roasting plantain on the bbq

Pretty peas in their pods

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