Speedy Christmas pudding for one!

I did not think this post was going to happen. Seriously. But i'm a determined girl and I was not going to let 'a situation' stop me in my tracks!

It's been a crazy 24 hours and I do not wish to repeat it!

Yesterday evening I had my car broken into and my laptop and DSRL camera stolen. Along with my notebook which I jot down all my recipe ideas, experiments, website resources, inspirations and anything else that randomly crops up in my head...which it does on regular occasions!

It felt like a lead weight. I was gutted. Today has been a chaotic mix of phone calls, glass repair, laptop borrowing (thanks mum!) BUT there is a silver lining to this story. Two good things happened:

1- they found my bag, minus all the valuables of course, but with my notebooks! It had been raining but my holdall was waterproof. I have to just wait until the police have finished their investigations to get it back. Fingers crossed its ok.

2 - I was forced to use a different camera and a different lense to take these shots. These photos have been taken with my old Nikon camera body and a 50mm prime lense which i'd bought s few months back but had never actualy used. I love it! Even in low light the images rendered well, huge depth of field- maybe too much!  These photos have not been retouched in anyway as I simply have no software on the borrowed laptop to do it, they haven't even been cropped....this is literally straight from camera. I'm pretty happy with the results.

Ok, so I may have got your mouth watering, but you will have to wait for the recipe as it was written in my notebook...doh! ;-) will try and recall it and rewrite it tomorrow- I may have notes lying around the house (I am organised really!). But I will tell you this mini Christmas pud is a 'pud in a day'- super fast, gluten free, and sugar free.  Oh and it is super yummy!

I'm off to my work Christmas party now, in amongst the chaos I've been preparing food all day...more on that tomorrow and I will do my best to bring you this recipe.

Oh and just for a final laugh- all my make up and hair straighteners were in that bag too! The one evening in recent weeks that I actually want to make a effort to look half decent. So I guess this will be the second 'au naturel' look of the day!


(Edit: you can now find the recipe here!)

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