Hot pear with gingerbread sauce

This was the 'accidental breakfast' I declared on my facebook page last Saturday...most worthy of its declaration, it was amazing, maybe even better than the original breakfast it was a spin off from (although that is pretty good too and will feature tomorrow!)  or maybe it was so good as it was unexpected...those moments are always the best!

So, I actually ended up having two breakfasts on Saturday...but it was around 11:30am when I ate this second one so that's pretty much lunch right?

The gingerbread sauce is the good. yet so simple! Just three ingredients and depending on whether you freeze the yoghurt/banana beforehand determines whether you get a thicker frosting or cream consistency. Once blended you could also re-freeze for a short while if necessary. One sauce...two ways!  Yes the sauce does have a taste of banana, more so if your banana is very ripe (mine was quite green and still perfectly sweet enough) but the strength of the ginger does dominate and create a lovely flavour compliment.

You could use it on pretty much anything dessert like (or breakfast like) in nature. Or warm a brownie or muffins and drizzle the sauce over. I whipped up a simple 5 minute breakfast, hot pear chunks, gingerbread granola and gingerbread sauce. Don't skimp on the molasses if you can help it as this creates a lovely sweet caramelised puddle of juice at the bottom of the dish from the hot pear juice.  This really is more like dessert,  I would eat this as dessert any day of the week and still feel like i'm treating myself... i'm already planning more gingerbread sauce creations to get my fix!

Check out these recipes for inspiration to add the gingerbread sauce to. In particular this sticky jamaican ginger cake...mmmmm with at hot gingerbread custard version.

Recipe: Hot pear with gingerbread sauce

Serves 1
1 pear cut into chunks
1/2 tsp molasses
gingerbread granola as per this recipe (or any granola topping)
gingerbread sauce- see recipe below (for a single serving I used approx 1/3 the amount the recipe below makes)

sauce: serves 1-3

1 small frozen banana (approx 80g)
equal quantity of frozen yoghurt chunks
1/2 tsp ground ginger to taste
(for a thicker frosting use frozen ingredients or freeze briefly before serving)


Chop the pear into fairly small chunks and add alongside a blob of molasses to a small bowl. Cook pear chunks in the microwave for 90 seconds.

Meanwhile blend the sauce ingredients together in a mini blender until well blended. 

Serve the hot pear and molasses mix topped with granola and drizzled with gingerbread sauce.

For further guidance on making gluten free choices please see this post.

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