Inspired in January

What a difference a month makes!

So far this year I have quit my job in architecture (although that was technically the end of last year), taken on a small part time job working in gym, with potential nutrition opportunities coming up there also…(watch this space), begun re-developing this blog behind the scenes- more on that very soon, have begun collaborating with another company to develop a range of healthy vegan whole food bars (more on that soon too)...

and….last but not least I have completed my Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition with the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, delivered by eCornell. I learnt so much more about my choice of lifestyle and how to benefit most fully from it, and help others to understand more also. My learning will no doubt continue and over the coming weeks and months I will reflect these thought within my blog. Any questions, please ask!

So much going on (bringing both excitement and overwhelm) but for now sit back and enjoy this months round up.

a walk along the cliffs at New Year

My slight obsession with roasted cauliflower salads!

The bridge across the snowy field- my old work place

CADA- zing (post coming soon)
Prepping the CADA

pretty lentils ready for the pan...another slight obsession!

first ever time tasting!

my 'manifesto' goes up on my bedroom wall

snowy fields guide my walk home from work

first attempt making date sugar
gingerbread sauce- this months best invention!

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