Mantra for Monday no. 54

January...time for a spring clean! A little life laundry if you will. I know the need to cleanse caught up with me a little, I guess its simply the natural reaction after an episode of excess and indulgence and then coupled with a 'new start' its hard not to get motivated to change.

I found myself spontaneously spending an satisfying hour or so last weekend sorting through my sock drawer, pairing them all up and throwing out the ones with the threadbare heels (erm....there were lots of those!).

I had a huge bedroom de-clutter a year or so ago, repainted the room entirely white, bought a white bed spread and closed off (almost) everything that was left behind a wall of (white) curtains, however over the holidays I noticed the clutter had once again begin to longer contained behind those curtains and had spilled over into piles on to the floor in front. Piles of 'random to be sorted' or 'not really sure what I’m doing with this yet'......just toss it out! I used that same methodology before and did I regret my judgments on any items, now that I've had a year to reflect. Not at all. 

What is a Mantra for Monday?

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