Mantra for Monday no. 59

This mantra is timely for me as it kicks into touch my Six-Weeks to Six-Pack Challenge”.

I guess everyone will be able to identify with me on this....some days it's hard to motivate myself right from the word go. Those are the days when I feel like i'm caught in a vicious soon as I hit a mental dip, my body responds accordingly...or rather doesn’t respond. The motivation for action is simply not there, and the more that becomes apparent the less chance there is that my mind will snap out if its cycle.

The key...? Force yourself to act as soon as the negative mentality creeps up.
Get showered
Go for a walk
Call a friend for a chat
Do the very smallest thing on your to do list....

...Just get started and 'show up'. Fake it, it doesn't matter. As soon as your body leads the way, your mind will follow. That's what counts.

What is a Mantra for Monday?
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