'Whole foods’ Lent Challenge

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...let's get the party starting and the motivation flowing!

Shrove Tuesday is followed by Ash Wednesday...the time of year in the Christian calendar (and the general media) where traditionally people 'give something up for lent’. I must admit I don’t often partake in the challenge, in part due to my inner rebellion against society’s obligations . But you know what, this year I had a think, I wondered whether I might put myself out there for the challenge and maybe bring a few others on board in the process....

...Still listening? Ok, here’s the plan. This year the period of lent from today until March 28th will become the 'WHOLE FOOD LENT CHALLENGE'. It’s not so much about what you don’t eat i.e. give up, but more a focus on what you do eat. I think this puts a more positive spin on things since giving up implies restriction and for me the plant based way of life is about choice not limits.

The challenge itself is pretty simple and the rules can be tailored to suit.... for example a focus on eating  whole grain bread instead of white refined read, or a challenge to use all whole food forms of sweetener instead of regular refined sugar, or a challenge to focus on whole natural foods whether they be plant or animal (I appreciate not everyone follows a plant based diet!) instead of processed meats and snacks substitutions... simply embrace the whole foods nature gave us and be inspired!

This line of thinking had come about in large part by T. Colin Campbell’s findings in The China Study and also my own development in undertaking the Plant Based Nutrition Course.

I been putting the word out and have already enlisted friends and colleagues, and I’d love it if you would join in too. It doesn’t need to be extreme or incur a huge change to routine, a little offering is all and your focus and mindset will reap the benefits.

I have chosen to focus on natural sweeteners for my challenge, so the forthcoming posts will be even more of a challenge to create indulgence using natural whole food sweeteners- banana, dates, raisins, fruit purees. I will allow stevia simply because it is used in such small amount within my recipes, I will try to use natural green stevia in some recipes where possible. The main things I want to find ways to work around if possible is agave nectar, brown rice syrup and maple syrup as I feel have become too reliant on the ‘healthy syrups’.

A few 'unrefined' goodies to get you going....I will be adding to this list over the next 6 weeks!

cocoa-nana custard, pear and gingerbread sauce,  chia jam over pancakes, banoffee shake, berry buckwheat breakfast

Anyway, that’s enough from me today. I hope you decide to join me in challenging yourself in some way. Let me know in the comments below and follow me on Facebook or Twitter ...let's get the party starting and the motivation flowing!

Your first (very simple) recipe will be coming your way on Saturday and will be the perfect start to natural sweeteners...here is a little sneak preview. Do you know what it is?

P.S  As a little side note I will also be challenging myself on a further level by undertaking a ‘Six-Weeks To Six-Pack: The Plant Based Way’ Challenge. I’m passionate about fitness and it’s contribution to a healthy lifestyle, yet that isn’t generally the focus of my blog, hence I’m keeping this challenge a little separate to my regular posts. You can find out more about my challenge and follow my progress here on the dedicated page tab.
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