‘Breakfast Boost’ sprinkles!

I was going to put together a another ‘intro post’ to publish yesterday...but the day ended up being so crazily busy I will have to do that tomorrow. It’s also coming up to the end of Lent ad therefore the end of my ‘Whole Foods Lent Challenge’ and my 6-week to 6-pack Challenge’ so I will fill you in on both of those tomorrow also. Sometimes I wish there were simply more hours in the day!

So, first let me fill you in on yesterday’s events...

I launched my ‘Wholeplus’fitness bar range to the public at my local gym...scary and exciting in equal measures as I just didn’t know what the response would be or quite how much do people really care about their health in the ‘real’ world? It went without a hitch, people loved the products and were really engaging with the simple whole foods concept. It was also so lovely and heartening to know so many people out there do care about what they put in their bodies. I had some really lovely conversations and got some great feedback to develop the products further. I wil keep you posted!
I got a bit carried away and didn’t take many photos... but I am hoping to do another event in a few weeks so will try and take a few more then!

On a whim the night before the event I spontaneously came up with another recipe idea that was also well received... a healthy breakfast mix in to use instead of sugar or syrup on top of oatmeal,  cereal or yoghurt etc. So many people I know enjoy of bowl of healthy porridge BUT then proceed to load it will sugar to sweeten it. This mix-in or topping uses dates ground into course granules and mixed with seeds and various ‘superfoods’ to give a versatile tasty sweet addition with great texture.

These are the only two pictures I got of the event...little cubes of bar tasters, jars of breakfast sprinkle and 2 bowls of truffles.
The jars you see along the back of the table are all the raw ingredients to help engage people with visualising
the 'whole foods' concept.

I made up three different jars of sprinkles for my event, but below is the basic principle I followed and a few ideas to get you going. All ingredients are approximates as I haven’t quite firmed up the recipes yet, and to be honest you can just eye-ball the quantities and throw in things you fancy and then process the mix until the texture looks right to you.

Check out my classic apple oats as shown in the picture...the perfect base for a sprinkly topping! 

Recipe : ‘Breakfast Boost’ sprinkles!

Makes  approx. 450g


250g dates
50g nut butter
100-150g mix of nuts/seeds (I used pumpkin coconut flakes and hemp seed mainly with a little chia thrown in for good measure!)
2 tbs maca powder
1-2 tsp spice – i.e cinnamon, ginger or vanilla
A little sea salt to taste
½ tsp pure stevia powder (note: It’s good to make the mix quite sweet since it will be ‘diluted’ in sweetness when mixed through)
20g coconut oil (if needed to help ‘clump’ the ingredients)


Process the dates with the nut butter until you have small coarse clumpy pieces (i.e 1-2mm grains).

Add all remaining ingredients and pulse to mix until you achieve desired texture. 

Add a little coconut oil at the end if you need a less dry and a more clumpy mixture. (I only needed this when I made a chocolate protein based sprinkle as I used proportionally more dry ingredients).

I imagine this would keep for quite a few weeks in the fridge or a cool cupboard.

(p.s. Geek mode....I love these photos as the jars make great props and I love the shapes they create!)

For further guidance on making gluten free choices please see this post.

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