Cadbury's Creme Eggs...crazy healthy style!

I know this is a Silent Sunday (that will be along later) but I just couldn't help myself...I got so excited yesterday when this recipe worked out, I actually shouted 'yes' as I cut into the 'yolk' and it looked so amazingly realsitic....if I hadn't been holding a sharp knife at the time I would have also flung my arms in the air!

This recipe, may appear to have a few steps to it, but actually it very simple and the coating is my 'worlds healthiest truffle recipe' which really you should make a batch up anyway (because it is amazing!) and because it makes for perfect Easter truffle balls... plus the 'dough' can be made in advance and frozen which makes things much more versatile.

So the yolk....would you ever have guessed it was a dried apricot! Nope didn't think so!

And for the white newest 'coconut cream' discovery. You saw it first in this green smoothie cheese cake recipe, and I have loads more recipes that use that as a base coming up.

A little bit of freezer action in between to help firm things up and make the eggs easier to model and there you have it!  I've even provided some step by steps pictures.... just cos I'm being nice today ;-)

Can you believe this crazy indulgent recipe is sugar free, fat free, gluten free.... It also just about fits my Wholefoods Challenge (other than the tiny bit of agave in the truffle mix- but I let that one slip!)

Would you ever think these could make Creme Eggs!!! Crazyness at is best...

Right I'd better go, as I am off to London to meet a friend at the Vitality Show at Earl's Court...there is an amazing line up of stalls and events and Terry Hope Romeo is giving a talk on excited!!

I have another Easter themed recipe planned for next week...I'd love to hear of your Easter plans too!

Recipe: Healthy Cadbury's Creme Eggs

Makes approx. 5-6


1 batch of this truffle mixture* (you will probably have some left over)

approx. 1 heaped cup vegan yoghurt (or any yoghurt for non-vegan)
1/4 heaped cup fine coconut flour (it is important to use the fine stuff to get a really smooth paste)
1/2 tsp pure liquid vanilla stevia (or to taste) or regular stevia and extra vanilla extact.

1 dried apricot for each yolk

*If you don't want to make the truffle mix, you could freeze the eggs once you have wrapped them in coconut cream and then once fairly solid, smooth the surface into shape and dip in chocolate (obviously not quite so healthy but still better than regular creme eggs!)


Make a batch of truffle mixture and set aside (this can be made in advance and chilled/frozen).

Mix the yoghurt, coconut flour and stevia together to form a thick smooth paste. Chill for approx. 30 minutes until very stiff.

Once the 'white' is stiff, form egg sized dollops tucking a dried apricot in the centre of each one, Roughly smooth into egg shapes. Lay on a lined baking sheet (so they don't touch) and re-freeze for another 30 mins or so until fairly firm.

Meanwhile roll approx. 30g balls of truffle dough into ovals approx. 2-3mm thick, and then wrap around the eggs, using a wet finger to smooth the seams. Allow to sit for a few minutes so that the whites inside can fully defrost and get super creamy. Yum!!

I imagine these would store in the fridge for a few days (I haven't tested that though!)

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