Inspired in February!

Gosh this year is flying by…it's March already and so that means Spring is round the corner. As much as I enjoy a cold crisp Winter day I am much more a fan of the warmth and more importantly longer days, lighter mornings and better photography conditions! Bring on the sunshine!!

So, this month…another eventful one. Much still to be revealed but it's all moving in the right direction. I've begun teaming up with a few different people on a more formal basis who believe and support me in what I do, I hope this will really help give me the push and the confidence I need to make 'everything' happen. 

I have teamed up with these guys over at Real Food Source in a business venture in developing allergy free chocolate bars and paleo energy bars (to be on sale soon!), all the photography in their shop has also been taken by me. I also continue to write recipe blog posts for them and I have been doing for a number of months now....have a little browse.

I have teamed up with these guys at the Spine and Wellness Centre to offer nutritional and wellness options to their clients…still early days on this as yet!

I have begun working with a couple of the gyms I am involved with to develop and sell and range of "healthy' fitness bars using natural whole foods and cutting out the crap found in the usual commercial bars….for those who have been following my '6-weeks to 6-pack challenge' will have seen the comments that said 'sample testing' in my food diary…these are what the samples were for. I won't go into detail quite yet, but I promise you I will soon.

So all in all busy bus busy, and most importantly for a girl who quit her job at the end of last year, things seem to beginning to come together nicely. Just need to keep the overwhelm under control….small steps!

This month in pictures. You can follow my Instagram here! (i'd love to see you.)

My Valentine's hot chocolate cream cups went down a treat!

a few recipes testing photos...combinations labelled up.

Dinner and cards at a country pub with friends

A walk in Derbyshire at early dusk

Holiday with friends...we got a little jigsaw obssessed!

quinoa addition to my usual oatmeal

sugar free chocolate crackles- on the blog soon!

Recipe tests for Real Food Source 

Spring is coming...snowdrops!

Dare new favourite thing.

Friends recenlty engaged taken on holiday in Derbyshire

Cooking with lots of quinoa

The Real Food Source 'free- from' chocolate to test

Pallette of whole food goodies delivered

Buckwheat has a been a favourite for me this month.
Homemade almond milk for my oatmeal