Introducing 'Bressert'

Hello.... how are we all doing this fine day?

I am excited as I am adding a new category to my recipe tab (it's the 4th category title in the list)... so now you'll alse be able to search through my 'Bressert' recipes (she says skipping around with overexcitable face.) 

Bressert = A dish healthy enough for breakfast BUT indulgent enough for dessert!

It was only a matter of time before a whole new word was needed...such is the significance of these recipes in my life! To celebrate I have created a new category for all my ‘Bresert’ recipes.

Healthy indulgence is the pinnacle of this blog, bringing the biggest smile to my face and a smug ‘screw you’ to the commercial candies and cakes.... why fill your body with ‘empty’ foods and unpronounceable ingredients when plant based healthy whole foods can taste so much better and fill your body with the fuel it needs?

As I’ve said all along in my ‘who am I’ page.... it’s that challenge that makes me tick, and what better challenge than healthy indulgence! Very soon I’ll also be launching a range of fitness bars based entirely along that theme, it's all very exciting and i'll elaborate more on that very soon....but for now let’s not get side tracked from Bressert!

In case you are need of a little visual reminder these are some of my favourite bresert recipes to date. Most of these recipes I have served up as a breakfast or a snack, so in order to increase the indulgence factor a little you may wish to increase the sweetener for it to become a full on dessert recipe, especially if you are cooking for regular folk who are used to sweeter treats.

Since I don’t like to hang around waiting ages for my breakfast or create something overly complicated first thing in the morning, most of these recipes are also very quick and easy to concoct, or they cook themselves whilst you go off and have a shower or get ready for the day...another good reason to give them a try!

Just to tease you with a little reminder of Bresserts to date....

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