Week Four 'six-weeks to six-pack'

I have updated my 'Lent Challenge' page....click the tab at the top and scroll down to check out my progress report for week three... over half way there now, but this last month has been so much more challenging then I realised it would be!

4 weeks down... just 2 to go!

This week was actualy pretty similar to last week in many ways. Amongst other things, this week included:
  • Lots more buckwheat (another new recipe tomorrow)
  • Lots or oats (of course!)
  • A new version of this buckwheat granola but using quinoa and seeds too.
  • Green smoothies... I found a version I liked (hopefully will have that with you this week also)
  • More chocolate bars a bit like this...I'm still in full on recipe testing mode.
  • Some more of these chocolate truffles...when cravings hit.
  • lost of raw veggies with lots of this dip
  • A new vegan feta cheese creation...so I served this with salad (post very soon- but I have a backlog!)
  • Banana chunks dipped in a chia, maca, cinnamon powder for breakfast/snack on the run
  • lots of stir fried veggies
  • endamame beans- yum!
  • mini vegan cheese cake made with coconut flour
See you for WEEK FIVE this time next week! :-)

(note: the last two weeks have been updated on my challenge tab only)
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