Inspired in March

I can't believe we've reached Easter already and the time of year the clocks move forward to 'summer time'...summer time, with all this snow? Crazy!!

This month has been another busy one. Developments have been moving forward since my last 'inspired' post and I had the taster evening launch of my new venture which was inspiring, motivating and terrifying in equal I simply need to reflect on my options and push forward during April. Exciting times!

I also visited the Vitality Show in London, which was another great opportunity to be inspired by th passions of others, learn about what's going of in the world of health and wellness and see all the new products and ventures being launched around us. I love being part of it all.

At the beginning of this year I had begun a gratitude diary. That has fallen a little by the wayside but I keen to begin noting down my thoughts of gratitude on a regular basis once again.

One entry from the beginning March included these thoughts of gratitude:

• choice
• ducks on a lake
• my warm fleece throw
• ugg boots as slippers
• the sweetness of dates

Here is my month of inspiration in pictures. What have you been inspired by this month?

mothers day breakfast

cauliflower rice

vegan feta cheese (recipe to come!)

breakfast sprinkles

energy bars!!

colourful spices

green smoothie with mint!

real raw cocoa beans

green smoothie go to recipe