Mantra for Monday no. 67

By definition a challenge is both a physical and mental disposition. It can only surface at the point at which you doubt whether you can reach the goal. Any easier and it would simply be par for the course, part of daily routine, non descript and non where is the real benefit in that?

Those who are ‘settled’ ‘and ‘comfortable’ may not feel the need for change or the need for challenge. Fine, go ahead and be that way. Just make sure you don’t regret not pushing that little bit harder in months and years to come.

Life's challenges help you discover who you really are.  Life offers you all the tools to be the very best you can in all ways imaginable, for me I simply cannot condone dismissing that opportunity. Failure is never defeat until the point at which you give up.

Challenge is a game... small things, big things, asking questions, seeking answers. Life is a journey of pathways, opportunities and experiences and rising to the ‘challenge’ enriches the ride.

What is a Mantra for Monday?