Mantra for Monday no. 68

I know I can be a procrastinator, putting of the challenging tasks, hesitating over decisions and trying to constantly balance risks against outcomes. I am as bad as everyone else when it comes to playing it safe and often quite literally 'taking it's picture'. 

But that’s not life as it could be.

Immerse yourself. Body and spirit. Commit to the project in hand and go all out or not at all.

Backing off is like sitting on the fence, it’s like dipping a toe in the water...a constant ‘maybe’ and ‘one day’ Remember that one day never actually comes. Life should be lived right here, right now, full and in completeness not a glance from the safety net of the sidelines.

Life is scary, life is unknown. Life makes you smile, cry and feel deeply. And for all those who choose to let go and immerse themselves, that is what makes life worth living.

What is a Mantra for Monday?