Cookies and cream parfait

It seems you loved the carrot cookies! Well to be honest I don’t blame you… to honour their gloriousness I gave them a simple twist that turns a cookie into the basis for a simple no-bake bressert 

You could use any fairly thick cookie here, they can either be soft or a little it crisp but you’ll want to be able to break them into chunks. I reckon the chocolate quinoa cookies, chocolate pillowcakes (these are fat free) or coconut oatmeal cookies would work really well. Or even any of my breakfast cookies!

The cookie forms the base of the parfait and then gets layered up between soft whippy coconut cream…you can infuse this with lemon, orange, cocoa or other flavours to compliment the cookie base, and fresh fruit for extra healthy zing. You can also add a sprinkle topping or cookie crumbs if you wish. Depending on the shape of your bowl you can layer u as many times as you wish. Mine was wide and shallow so I just used cookie chunks at the base.

This would make a refreshing light summer treat (ok so I am getting a bit ahead of myself!) and reminds me bit of trifle (without the jelly layer of course) oh how I miss trifle!

Recipe: Cookie parfait  

Serves 4 (based on original carrot cookie recipe amount)


10 carrot cookies (or other cookie of choosing)
approx. 1 ½ cups fairly thick coconut cream plus mix ins if required.
approx. 1 ½ cup fruit
toppings of choice or extra cookie crumbs


Prepare the coconut cream and set this aside

Break up the cookies into small chunks and place the equivalent of 2 small cookies at the bottom of
a dessert dish (or split into two layers if preferred).

Add a dollop of coconut cream to each dish and then layer fresh fruit on top (repeat these layers depending in shape of dish- i.e wine glass?) Finish with some crumbs of the remaining cookies or other sprinkles of choice.

For further guidance on making gluten free choices please see this post.

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