Food for fitness... the training mentality!

It’s now less than two weeks till my Tough Mudder event.  To say I’m terrified is probably an understatement!  

Reality hit me even more so this last weekend as I took a trip to the seaside...

...Not your typical seaside visit!

Swimming in ‘freezing’ (ok well pretty cold) murky sea water and running a few miles along the beach in ankle deep water to train with water resistance, running with wet feet and getting cold.

It was not nice. Though I was glad I did it as it gave me peace of mind that my feet could cope with being wet and trusty Fivefingers were comfy throughout.

My mum and cousins made sandcastles on the beach with the kids and 'buried' the dog whilst they waited for me.... a slight contrast!

My posts over these next two weeks may take an ever cleaner twist to my usual as I need to focus in on fuelling and hydrating my body more intensely.  Even though the recipes I post are all pretty healthy, they don’t always contain the proportions of proteins/fats/carbs and 'training fuels' that i’m aiming for right now and more than that, when i’m in recipe testing mode I can sometimes eat quite a lot! Particularly if I make a large batch of something or there are experiments that have gone wrong and are not blog worthy (but not ‘wrong’ enough for the bin).

Right now, I need to get completely focussed.

I have a few recipes that I have made but not yet posted, so not everything will necessarily be super clean :-)

Here is a sneak preview to forthcoming recipes...

For now, a few more photos and links to a few of my favourite Fit-Foods for fuel and endurance!

creamy quinoa porridge

chocolate boost mousse

Super green smoothie

Chia soft serve

Lentil and peanut dip

PB&J no bake bars

Just in case you'd like to sponsor me for my Tough Mudder challenge, here is the link to the team I am part of, all sponsorship is in aid of Help For Heroes. :-)

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