Mantra for Monday no. 70

I have a birthday on the horizon. It’s a big one, a significant milestone in the path of my life. It will undoubtedly bring with it the sense of questioning and self-reflection.

We are all susceptible at times for taking things for granted, for walking through life looking but not seeing. I know that I can be notoriously bad at rushing around with little appreciation for my surroundings and my ‘scenery’, yet on the flip side sometimes the clouds in the sky or the rain on the window can captivate me and leave me spellbound and speechless. I know how to experience this sense of gratitude I just need to work on summoning and maintaining that mindset everyday, particularly in times of stress and rush. I guess it's actually pretty simple....slow down. Everything else will fall into place exactly as it should.

Slowing down instills gratitude, and is the foundation to enjoyment and our sense of purpose. It requires no effort, takes up no space, needs no tools, and acts on no previous experience. We all have a choice...a choice to slow down and be grateful.

What is a Mantra for Monday?