Mantra for Monday no. 73

I first came across this quote by ‘ultra-marathon man’ David Goggins on Joel Runyon’s Blog Of Impossible Things. It spoke to me at the time, but I noted down the words and then duly filed them away. To be forgotten.

It was only when I was sifting through my ‘M4M’ file notes yesterday killing some time yesterday morning  whilst I waited to go to the beach for my cold sea swim (Tough Mudder preparation) that these words caught my eye once again.

So true in life, both in mental and physical tasks that may test you to the core.  Here is a further paragraph as extracted from David’s interview:

“In a race, you hit several walls. Every time you hit a wall, it’s a big deciding factor in that race, or in life, if you’re not running. You have a big decision to make.  You can either stop at that wall and go parallel left or parallel right. You are looking for that door.  When you get to that door you have another decision to make.  Should I open it or should I keep it closed.  If you keep it closed you made the decision to quit.  If you open that door you made the decision  to carry on, to continue on your journey or mission, whatever you’re on.  I always open that door!  Once you open that door, and you go through it, your mind resets and it gives you a few more miles.”

What is a Mantra for Monday?