'Not as you know it' Nutella

Yes, yes I know there are plenty of 'healthy' 'vegan' nutella recipes already lurking around the blogosphere... and for good reason, who doesn't like a drippy spoonful of thick creamy chocolate?

So far I have avoided the temptation to make my own. Partly because  had concerns as to my self control once made, but also many of the recipes I'd come across had a number of time consuming steps and also many recipes also left a lot to be desired in the healthy department.

I made my first version of the 'Nutella' a week or so ago here for the Real Food Source. It was delcious and the coconut sugar gave a lovely caramelised touch.  I wanted to reinvent it again with a slight twist this time using my ever faithful date paste.

You'll notice there are no roasted hazlenutsa in this recipe, so technically its not Nutella at all...rather a chocolate almond spread. Somehow that description didn't tantalize my tatsebuds in quite the way it should! The chocolate really takes centre stage and the creamy almond paste (make your own or buy it) just brings it all together in a rich and creamy spread.

Plus if you add a little extra water you'll have an amazing chocolate drizzle sauce! Sooooo good.

Recipe: Healthy ‘Nutella’

Makes just under 1 cup


1/3 cup almond paste*
1/3 cup date paste
3 tbs cocoa powder
1/3 cup boiling water

*almond paste is just blanched almond butter. Make your own or buy it for example here


Stir the cocoa into the boiling water until smooth. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until very smooth. This works best with either a smallish sized blender or double the amount (the mixture had a tendency to fling itself to the edges of my large Thermomix and I had to scrape it down a few times)

Store in the fridge. it will thicken up a little. This would also be good mixed with a little hot water and served as a chocolate drizzle sauce. You may want to add a couple of drops of stevia to add sweetness if diluting as a drizzle.

For further guidance on making gluten free choices please see this post.

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