An ode to Dad (and a recipe roundup!)

On the eve of Father's Day ...a little poem :-)

My Dad and I

My dad and I we think alike,
He knows just what I mean
Before I even say a word

He reads just in between.

My dad and I we like to dream

Inspire each other on.
Reminding me what I can achieve,
Beyond my comfort zone.

My dad and I like to pretend,
That we follow with the crowd.
But it’s finding our own direction
That makes me stand so proud.

In the months after I turned to a plant based lifestyle and began this blog back in August 2011, my dad took an active interest in what I was doing. Most of those in my life, supported me and were happy to share my meals and were even intrigued by my recipes, but had no real inclination to change anything for themselves. That was cool, there was no pressure there and that was never my direct intention as I transitioned through this stage in my life. But if people decide to question their own 'habits' and ingrained ways of doing things after having seen the changes I have made and the impact on my life then that gives me a huge amount of joy.

My dad went this one step further, he embraced the plant based lifestyle as I did and has since been my biggest ally... constantly reading, researching and buying the newest book out on the market. In moments when my mind may have faltered or I felt as though being 'different' is too hard, I always have my dad to support me and whether he knows it or not that support means the world.

So today, on the eve of Fathers's Day, a little recap of some of his favourite recipes from the blog.  (plus scroll down for a little giggle...)

To all your dad's out there....enjoy your day tomorrow! 

For a final giggle... last weekend I emailed my dad to ask him what 'his 3 favourite foods' were. In my head I was anticipating he would answer with sweet, nutty or fruity things as I was thinking along the lines of making him a special cake or desert of some sort for Father's Day. 

However, due to my somewhat vague question, the response I received was (I quote) "mushrooms, jacket potato, beans"  ha ha, that would make some amazing cake!!  Hmmm, i'm still thinking what do with that response so you'll have to wait to next week to see what happened. :-)