Mantra for Monday no. 74

This weeks Mantra is a direct extract from Leo Babauta's recently published 'Little Book of Contentment' (Freely downloadable from Zen Habits). My search for 'contentment' is a continuous learning curve and this little book speaks many simple truths. Upon reading this book, my Mantra is one of the key concepts that I took away to work with, and one which I struggle with most.

"Instead of internalizing failure as an indicator that we are not trustworthy or not sufficient, we need to learn that failure is just an external event. Sure, we were involved with that event, but it’s like throwing a ball toward a hoop — if we miss, does that mean we are horrible people? No, it just means we need to adjust the way we throw the ball. Perhaps move closer. Maybe throw underhand if that’s more successful. Get a ladder. Make the hoop bigger. Find someone to help. There are no rules in this game — we can figure out ways to make ourselves succeed. Failure is simply an indicator that something in our method needs to be changed. "

What is a Mantra for Monday?