Mantra for Monday no. 75

I. DID. IT!!   I completed my Tough Mudder...... smiling faces all round :-)

What surprises me most was that I'm not too sore afterwards...winner!  Ok, well my knees were pretty painful yesterday and I wrapped packs of peas round them for a few hours, but that was expected since I am prone to pain in my knees and there was an awful lot of trail running!! But where is the muscle soreness?...nowhere to be seen!

I'm so glad I achieved it. For me the mental challenge was the biggest feat I had to overcome, swathes of self doubt crept in right up until the day itself. In terms of fitness I was more than ready (most apparent in hindsight which has given me a big confidence boost) and if I'm honest I didn't find too many of the obstacles as physically challenging as I was anticipating....see how much I over analyse and big things up to epic proportions in my mind!!

Anyway, for giggles, here is a short video shot of me trying to climb 'Everest' the slippery half pipe wall...bear in mind I had just run 12 miles and 20 obstacles when this was shot... see the gritted teeth...then the splat....oh so so close ;-)

What is a Mantra for Monday?