Mantra for Monday no. 76

This is so very true to me and something that I come up against time and time again that stalls my action.

I remember a few years back how I wouldn't join the ladies squash club because I didn't think I was good enough at playing squash...yet all the time knowing that a squash club was exactly the place that you go to learn to be better. The irony is crazy yet I still stalled on joining for a good few months.

This is so closely related to the idea of the 'perfect moment' or 'when i'm good enough' and my drive to be as good as can be in all aspects of my life, as positive as that may seem often serves to prevent me from starting at all. 

mabtStarting means being open to failure and the potential manifestation of weakness...yet ultimately failure and weakness is the only true path to growth and strength.

What is a Mantra for Monday?