Mantra for Monday no. 77

Last week when I felt life was getting a little crazy and things felt a little uncontrolled and overwhelming... I needed a sense of grounding so I wrote myself a set of simple rules for 'daily positivity'. Some might sound cliched but for me they are brief and meaningful and allow me time to stop, think and create a more realistic sense of perspective. (The tea quote was just a nice little line I saw and reminded me of my thoughts).

  • start every day off with a smile from within
  • think of one think to give thanks for last thing at night
  • take apple cider vinegar each morning (I've just starting this habit as a trial)
  • close you eyes and truly appreciate the first few sips of each cup of tea throughout the day
  • feeling down? Do 5 minutes of any form of physical exercise
  • boredom or nervous hunger? pour a mug of tea and then see how you feel.

What is a Mantra for Monday?