Watermelon ice lollies

This recipe is the simplest spin off from this summer watermelon cake!   Frost, Slice, Freeze, Eat...

Even of you don’t plan to make the cake, it’s still really easy to whip up the chocolate frosting, spread a thick later on a large watermelon segment, slice up and freeze. Throw on nuts or sprinkles to add some jazz and crunchy texture. I just frosted the outer edge of the segment before slicing but you could add extra if you prefer.

The original cake got a bit of stick by some who felt i'd 'desecrated' the watermelon... but that's cool, each to their own, though I felt my healthy 'not sickly sweet' frosting was a true compliment. To be honest watermelon chunks are also are pretty good on their own and so refreshing on a hot summers day (we are finally getting a few of those at the moment- let's hope I haven't now jinxed it!) 

But hey, if it gets chilly again I know what I'll be making...my pineapple baked oatmeal...warm comfort with holiday feelings all in one!

Recipe: Watermelon ice lollies

Makes 4-6 lollies


1 large slice of watermelon segment- peeled and de-sseded (as far as possible)

Chocolate frosting: 
2/3 cup vegan yoghurt (I use soy)
2 tbs fine coconut flour (increase to 3tbs if thicker consistency required)
2 tbs cocoa powder
Stevia or syrup to taste
A few drops vanilla extract- optional


Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and stir together well. Let sit for a few seconds and test the consistency (coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid), add more wet or dry ingredients as needed)

Place the water melon slice on a plate suitable for the freezer.

Using a knife thickly frost the watermelon slice. This will be easier if you first pat the surface of the melon dry to remove excess moisture. I found it easiest to frost the largest area of outer skin and also I did not want to fully frost the lolly. Press extra fruits, nuts or sprinkles into the frosting if desired.

Carefully  push lolly sticks at intervals into the fat side of the segment making sure to leave the frosting intact. Slice the water melon carefully and slightly separate the segments so that they don’t freeze together.

Place in the freezer until solid and then re-bag as necessary to store. Allow to defrost for 5 mins prior to eating for optimum texture (and so you don't break your teeth!) 

For further guidance on making gluten free choices please see this post.

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