Inspired in June

June =  half way through the year = crazy!

This month hasn't been so much different to last in terms of its craziness although at least the whole birthday thing is somewhat now in the distance (not that I am wishing it away, just the pressure that accompanied it). I still have a few plans on horizon and achievements to be fulfilled but I'm putting myself under that little bit less pressure now.

It's been an 'up and down' month emotionally, I'm not sure why but I seem to keep beating myself up about at about a lot of things which is frustrating, so I think a little time out is in order. Some kind of meditation retreat may be on the cards, if any of you ever been on a retreat please let me know how it went for you?

So the biggest achievements this month?  Apart from my Tough Mudder (which I have already talked enough about!!) My other little achievement actually happened just last week when I gave my first official presentation in the corporate world to talk about plant based nutrition and healthy baking to a small office group as part of their 'wellness month'. I gave a cooking demo (this recipe if your are curious) and a little talk about me and my blog and then handed out plenty of tasters that I'd prepared just before I arrived. It went really well and I had such a buzz for ages afterwards... I love it when people are so inspired to try something new!

So, now here is June…the best bits! 

Just kinda loved these apples dancing about the bowl

Yet to be blogged...but you will love it! (yes it involved quinoa)

My first fresh figs

Birthday trip in London...beautiful sunlight.

Lovely new snacks to try... choc coated pumpkin was the best!

still on my London trip- no need of explanation ;-)

Vegan buffet cafe with the family- yum!

Experiment with sweet polenta

Yet to try it out but excited to do so!

Choc mint 'smoosh' bars... part of my Wholeplus collection

Setting up my Father's Day card

Twist on the original breakfast cookie using quinoa!!

Loving the coconut water.

First home grown pak choi

I was just in time for vegan pizza day with a sweet version.

Tough Mudder...just emerged from the ice swim

Tough Mudder... Just crossed the finish line!

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