Mantra for Monday no. 78

Success and failure are not mutually exclusive… You can't have one without the other

It is the same with happiness and sadness in life... To fully appreciate embrace, appreciate and encompass happiness you need to have experienced sadness. Life without its extremes would be no life at all.

The quote above came from Bounce, a book I was given as a present a couple of years ago as I began along this mindful journey. It holds a lot of truths for me since my own biggest downfall is the expectation of being to run before I can walk. I know this is crazy, maybe even arrogant to think that should be the case ...but my irrational mind often runs away with itself before I am able to to catch up and give it a good talking to. 

I am getting better at 'failing', I am happy to accept failure that opens new doors and direction for investigation, but the hardest sense of 'failure' is when that doorway is not immediately obvious and you don't know how to move forward. Take a step back and let the possibilities present themselves- that's the part I still need to work at!

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