Life catch up...and how I gained an extra day!! i just managed to miss both a Silent Sunday and a Mantra for Monday....big oooops!!

Life just seems to be one step ahead of me at the moment!  


life steps.jpg

So I thought today I'd offer a little catch up of sorts. A life catch up. 

Thought of the day = I've figured out a way to actually gain another 'day' in the week. Seriously. Here me out on this. Behold the technical calculaitons.

I've been getting into a bad habit of going to bed much later than I mean too...usually pushing midnight then getting up at around 7am. 

BUT the last 90 minutes or so of an evening are totally lost on me, Im getting tired, I faff about, I don't seem to be either working or relaxing very effectively at all. Kinda nothingy.

SO I figured if I shunted my day by 90 minutes and went to bed at 10:30pm and got up at 5:30am then I would gain an extra 90 minutes of productive work time each morning. Multiply that by 5 for a working week and you get 7.5 hrs aka one whole 'work day'.

That sounds like an awesome plan to me! So now I've just got to implement it.

I'm hoping that by gaining my time back early on in the day it will reduce the sense of unease I often have as the afternoon wears on with the familiar 'i still have too many things on my todo list' kicking in.

So that's my randomness for the day, I'm in a random kind of mood. I've still be eating this soup nearly everyday. Maybe it's sent me crazy.

A recipe will be with you tomorrow I promise!!

In the mean time...tell me, how do you manage your time, do you have  any top tips for me?!

P.s here's a little recipe sneak preview :-)


choc balls 4a.jpg