Values and Beliefs

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Over the last week or so I have been launching myself  more fully into my course with The Coaching Academy.  The Integrative Nutrition course had a ‘week off' last week between modules 5 and 6 to allow for catch up time and so I took the opportunity to immerse myself in my first module of ‘Life Coaching’.

Values and Beliefs.

Here are a few of my takeaway notes on the topic:

• A limiting belief is a negative belief about oneself.

•  A belief is just a thought you think over and over again- so make it a positive one- it takes no more effort than a negative one!

• We have on average 80,000 thoughts a day. Of these, 75% of our thoughts are actually negative.

• You have almost the exact same thoughts each day- very few new thoughts, so take the time to set the standard and reframe your negative thoughts into positive ones.

• Your brain does not recognize the negative, for example if you tell yourself ‘I must not fail’ all the brain hears is ‘fail’.

You can see how important this realm of personal psychology is, and it spoke to me on many levels. Self-confidence and therefore limiting beliefs has always been hot on my heals so I am eager to engage some of these techniques.


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This was a little extract from one of the pages in the workbook, simply breaking down and challenging those limiting briefs. 

My Mantra for Monday this week was also related to this topic since the study made me question where I am now and what else I am doing to help myself. The influence of others can have a huge positive impact and a direct association with your own values, beliefs and positive mindset. Choose your comrades wisely!


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