Today I bring you a treat NOT a e-book!

Happy Halloween people!!   

Today I bring you a treat NOT a trick!!

I wasn't going to post today... but then I had some exciting news I wanted to share. 

I have launched a e-book. Ok, let me rephrase that a little. I have put together a little e-book on behalf of The Real food Source (RFS) who as many of you will know I work closely with in developing recipes for their site.   I'm feeling proud as this is my first book and is something i've been wanting to do for a long time (have many plans for my own too). I also fully developed and designed all the recipes and graphics for the book so it's been a labour of love!

The most important part for you is that it's FREE!!


Basically the RFS were keen to showcase their products in a way that would help people get creative and not shy away from the less mainstream ingredients they sell. We hope this will be one in a series on book all focussing on different ingredient type... for example i've already got lots of ideas for a 'nut butter' book!

The book is a 'living book' and will be added to over time (every month or so) as new recipes are developed. It is in PDF form and downloads will remain free forever so pop back in the future for updates.

This book focusses on coconut milk powder. I love this stuff and use it to make my morning oatmeal: just add a heaped tsp to the oats and pour over boiling water, stir through and add your toppings. Sooooo easy and less messy than a hob and potentially better for you that using a microwave.  The coconut milk powder is also very special since it is the only dairy free version i've ever come across since most powders contain sodium caseinate.  It can be used in so many different ways.

Anyway, I have so much studying to do today for my coaching courses- i'm trying to compile and write a 'starter pack' and am procrastinating too much already today.

So that is all. Please please go and check out the link here and if you are even a little bit curious why to get the book.  It's FREE!  Once you have it please share it around with anyone and everyone who could do with a bit of dairy-free delight in the lives . P.s let me know what you think... or any ideas you have to make it better or ideas for other books. :-) 

coc milk 1.jpg