Inspired in October

So we're down and out with October already! And now that Halloween has just been and gone… everywhere starts gearing up for Christmas in full force. That's pretty scary. Not that I don't love Christmas, it just means we're fast closing in on the final quarter already- but there is still so much I want to do before the year is out!!

One of my aims as summer ended, was to make a conscious effort to spend time outside. I really enjoyed the 'oneness with nature' in the summer months and I found it really helped to clear my head and give me some downtime. Now that the colder weather and the wet and cloudy days are here I have to admit I haven't been so proactive in my task. I also need to alter my typical running route since my usual trail run across the fields gets so muddy at this time of year...but that shouldn't be a reason not to get out there in the crisp winter air.

Anyway I digress, in all October has been a very exciting month… I have begun to push my Wholeplus brand to a new (and scary!) level and have officially teamed up with Saviour Snacks and I'm in the process of talks with other companies to unleash my healthy foodie products to the world, (okay, maybe not the world but it's a step in the right direction!)

I've also just produced a little e-book in conjunction with the Real Food Source, It's been something we've been wanting to implement and get out there for a long while now, and so hopefully that'll also be the kick I need to produce my own Including Cake version (it's been in my head for about a year).... maybe it will take shape before the year is out!

So, what's been going on in your world... are you embracing the coming winter months or are you still pining after summer sun? 

Here is my monthly picture roundup for October.

  1. Thoughts on 'stillness' I wrote back in May but 'found' again when looking through old notes.
  2. Beet smoothie... my new favourite combo!
  3. My cat catching autumn sun beams.
  4. Autumn is here. ..
  5. E-book shot! (yes- ridiculously simple chocolate truffles!) 
  6. I loved to this quote. 
  7. Teaming up with Saviour Snacks… Excitement! 
  8. Experimenting with 'raw food'… Amazing salad dressing. 
  9. Huge food delivery!
  10. Prepping my Wholeplus goodies. 
  11. Pumpkin excitement…my first ever can! 
  12. A 'tree' of quotes seen at a yoga exhibition... everyone pinned up their own inspiring words. 

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