My first newsletter!

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Ok, so it's not  really a big deal...people write newsletters all the time, but as yet I haven't done. I have a little 'sign up' for the highlights in my side bar and so now I am going to release my first one into the world.  

The 'newsletter' (for want of a better word) will happen roughly once a month when I have exciting things I want to say like top recipes, news, vouchers codes for companies I work with and also discount rates on my Wholeplus goods. It will be a combination of  all the happenings going on at Including Cake and Wholeplus.

Anyway...the first newsletter is due out tomorrow (I need to finish writing it first!)  and so to be in the know please sign up for it below (or in the side bar).

Thank you... you may now resume enjoyment of your weekend. :-)


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