A Christmas giveaway!!

Happy Wednesday people! 

Just wanted to check in to tell you what I've been up to! I've been creating a Christmas Range for my Wholeplus goodies.... little smooshed up balls of joy in three festive flavours:

  • choc-chunk brownie bites
  • goji-gingerbread
  • choc-almond

You can find out more about the range (and order bits and pieces if you like!)  here on my Wholplus page.


FB promo WPXMAS.jpg

I am hosting a GIVEAWAY over on my Facebook page and Instagram  to win a special festive box of 18 of these little balls of goodness in the flavour of your choice!  I need to mention that this offer is only open to UK to post the goodies too,  apologies to my overseas peeps as I know there are a lots of you but I do have various things in the pipeline for you too- probably early next year!


Remember though there is the FREE Coconut Milk Powder e-book I created for the Real Food Source that is totally free to all through their site- if you country is not listed when you go to download just put anything as it only the email that is needed!   I promise it is great little guide to inspiration :-)


More recipes sooooon this week....I promise!!  ;-) 

Since we are coming up to the festive season- please let me know if there are any particular recipe types you'd like to see in the coming weeks. You know how much I love a challenge- and if I can I will!