All things christmassy! A round-up of randomness...

Gosh...i don't think i've posted this much in as long as i can remember... going crazy guns before Christmas hits. Got to take that downtime!!

I also think it's probably not a cool thing to say 'gosh' and i've been using too many of these (....) again! Oh well, it's Christmas i'm excitable and EVERYTHING is allowed.

I had so many funky festive recipes I wanted to make in the run up to Christmas and I have barely scratched the surface- I blame Wholeplus entirely as I've had so many foodie parcels to send in the last 6 weeks it's been all quite overwhelming!

I will update more on that front in the New Year...need to make a few website tweaks and re-vamps (another Christmas project maybe!?)

But one little thing i will say is PLEASE consider subscribing to my mailing list.... you can see it in the side bar and I am planning to send emails about once a month and it will bring Wholeplus and Including Cake together including: thoughts, nutrition, recipes, wellness, coaching, special offers and other tit bits.... It's Christmas and i'd love you forever if you did tap in your email :-)

This is the most random of roundup's...

  • my own fav christmas recipes
  • festive fun foodie things I wanted to make...but ran out of time
  • IG inspirations (I am giving a Christmas shoutout every day of december- IG usernames are credited below the collage image.

Please feel free to share your own links to cool things or your creations in the comments!

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What are you going to be making over Christmas?  

This weekend I'm going to stock up with heathy treats to carry me though... the fudge (as below) plus lots of variations of my crazy courgette cake with different flavours and topping cut into small squares for nibbles! Plus hopefully a Christmas pud (as below)

xmas IC food.jpg
I came across these on Pinterest.. these trees are by and the oranges by, the penguins didn't have a link.

I came across these on Pinterest.. these trees are by and the oranges by, the penguins didn't have a link.

For every day in December so far I have been ginning a 'Festive Foodie shoutout' these are a number of the pictures that I loved. the IG names are credited below. There were plenty more that inspired me too but I didn't want to get too carried away! From Top L-R

IG inspire.jpg
  • @kathypatalsky
  • @sassyballerina
  • @healing_belle
  • @ohsheglows
  • @idafrosk
  • @coconutandberries
  • @deliciouslyella
  • @mamiaoyagi
  • @mealsfullofcolour
  • @loving_earth
  • @idafrosk
  • @serenesayyian