Flourless Ferrero Rocher cookies!

I have one more Christmassy recipe planned for next week... it's a super simple 'gifting' recipe.

BUT these are cookies you wont want to give away!  The easiest ever flour-less cookies in my opinion and they are based on the concept I came up with when creating these cranberry almond cookies for the Real Food Source (also available in their free Christmas e-book).

The 'original' almond-cranberry cookies

The 'original' almond-cranberry cookies

The chocolate hazelnut version is just as good- or better is you are a chocoholic like me! I had come across some hazlenut butter i'd forgotten I had so the idea for a variation on the cookies presented itself just like that. I added some cranberries but you could omit these for a purer 'ferrero' flavour- or add some kind of rice crisp or wafer element for a more genuine Ferrero Rocher style creation!

Make sure you keep the nuts nice and chunky (whole hazelnuts) for a thick and chewy texture and also mix them through the batter rather than pressing on top- the texture is just so much better for some reason! These rare not crispy cookies but soft and chewy cookies. They do have a high 'fat' content form all the nuts... but it's basically the same thing as eating a small handful or dried fruit and nut mix and that's healthy (in moderation) right? 

One again this cookie format throw the door wide for your own interpretation- use the nut butter plus mix-ins of your choice, or why not try the original almond version.  Go go go... create... eat... and be merry! 

ferrero rocher cookies 1a.jpg

Recipe: Flourless Ferrero Rocher cookies!

Makes approx 8 cookies


  • 100g hazelnut butter
  • 20g coconut sugar dissolved in 30g boiling water
  • 40g cranberries/cherries
  • 60g hazelnuts
  • 2 tbs cocoa powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder


Just mix it all together well adding the nuts and fruit last.

Dollop the mixture onto a lined baking sheet, it will spread a little whilst cooking.

Bake for 10-15 minutes at 180C Make sure you catch them as they gone nicely golden but before the nuts brown too much.

These cookies store pretty well, they get chewier each day so it just depends on your preference how quickly you eat them! I haven't tried freezing them.

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