Mantra for Monday no. 97

I love Instagram. As well as the many foodie accounts I follow I also love the words of wisdom, a few wise and meaningful words to pop up on my screen at various points during the day to give me a boost.

One such account is LiveLearnEvolve, who have literally just launched their website, so of course I wanted to have a little browse. It's full of articles and inspiring video and the video below caught my attention as I was getting ready for bed last night. if you need to ground yourself, reflect and be mindful of gratitude you might appreciate this video. Be warned you may shed a few tears.

Zack Sobiech was only months from death when this video was put together and two key quotes stood out for me: 

"what makes you happy is seeing someone else smile because you out it there... that's what's awesome about living (in this world)"  - 2:45 min

"It's really simple actually... just try and make people happy"  - 22:20 min