A Mantra for Monday....a little late!

Ooops, how did that happen, erm it's Tuesday. After Silent Sunday should follow a Mantra for Monday. Hmmm, I thought that might happen at some point...life getting crazy busy ending up with me waking at 3am in the middle of last night proclaiming "On no I forgot my Mantra for Monday!! "

But you know what, after a few seconds of anxious "what shall i do... I can't break my routine....i i can't let me readers down" I came to my senses and realised that the world wasn't going to stop turning just because I had forgotten to post a 'Mantra'. It all seemed a little ridiculous in the small hours of the night. Putting that crazy pressure on myself to make sure I write a specific post for a specific day each week is lovely in theory and for most weeks not a problem, but there have been times when i've pushed it to the wire and have not enjoyed the process.  

That's not what this blogs is about. It totally defeats the object of mental wellness, which are what my Silent Sundays and Mantra for Mondays are all about.

So going forward, you'll still get them, i'm just going to put less pressure on myself to make sure there is one written and posted every single week....so maybe there will be the odd week I miss one, no dramas hey! ;-)  It will also ensure that everyone i write is written with full passion and desire.

New recipe post up tomorrow I promise... for now, as I beg for your forgiveness for letting you down here is a little collection of some of my favourite 'mantras' (that often sum me up pretty well) as posted by others that i've collected in my Pinterest account over the last years or so... click images to go to source.

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