Mantra for Monday no. 82


Gratitude. It's pretty fundament to our entire wellbeing not simply the basis of our happiness. It's also so closey knit into those aspects of life we simply take for granted. 

In January this year I began a daily gratitude diary, in which I wrote a short list of things- maybe 3 to 5 bullet points- of small things that I was thankful for in my life at that particular moment on that particular day. It was a 'time out' to stop and think, to catch myself from falling deeper into a spiral of existence over living. 

My gratitude diary has since fallen by the way side as i became caught up in that destructive spiral, at times putting my own moments of happiness at stake. Today is a new start and this moment has been set aside to think of those 3 things.

I will document them here in real time exactly as they come to my mind. ....

  • 'listening to the laugh of a child'
  • 'the magnificence of a thunder storm'
  • the beautiful array of fresh summer fruits and vegetables

So, take a moment aside and tell me in the comments....what 3 things are you grateful for today? 

(P.s the photos is of my sister taken one holiday.... she has a thing for hugging trees, or you could say an appreciation of the aspects of our world we take for granted every single day. )


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