Inspired in July

Summer sunshine… trail runs through the fields in the early morning sun… working outside… eating dinner in the garden enjoying the evening warmth.

July has been a feel good month. There is something about the sunshine that soothes the soul, maybe literally massaging away all the stress of life under the warmth of the rays. It's hard to be down when the sun is in the sky and this month has seen the bluest skies so far the year. 

That also means this month has seen a lot of coconut water drinking… particularly my banana coconut smoothie. The shorts and strappy tops have made appearance and it's lovely to be able to take a trip out for the day without having to worry about taking a jumper of a raincoat.

Long may the sunshine continue!

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My Inspired summary: 

  1.  My sisters graduations day...eating berries in the park
  2. Homegrown blueberries are beautiful
  3. Recipe testing a paleo breakfast mix for the Real food Source
  4. More new feet
  5. Coconut milk product i'm enjoying in my oatmeal
  6. Lentil balls for lunch bought from Spitalfields Market
  7. The magnificence of London Kings Cross station
  8. green smoothie or coconut banana smoothie...hmmm...both! 
  9. Real foods mostly homegrown- best dinner in the sunshine
  10. Yes, even more quinoa cookies....!
  11. Loving my homemade TRX for outdoor workout
  12. Loving outdoor runs in the early sun
  13. Lollies!