Mantra for Monday no. 83

m4m 83.jpg

I've been away on a short city break with my mum and my sister... a long weekend to unwind and explore, but also a chance to see the sights of Britain and re-aquaint myself with the beauty of the country in which I live. 

It really is a beautiful place when you take the chance to walk the streets with open eyes instead of rushing through on daily autopilot. History, architecture, sounds, smells, textures, creativity, food, art...

...But also the subtle beauties. The juxtapositions of the objects on the street, the light and shade as it captures a stone wall, and the people...friendly people from the security guard who let me through to use the loo in the shop just as it was shutting, to the busker on the street strumming a soulful melody to the passers by as dusk fell.

This wall hanging spied in a shop window during one of many meanderings along the streets of Bath, brought a smile to my face.  Recipes for wellness are not simply based around the food we eat.

These moments of happiness; shared alone, with my family and silently with the people who crossed my path didn't cost a penny. Open your eyes and your heart and you'll find your recipe to happiness and wellness is all around.