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Mantra for Monday no. 84

m4m 84.jpg

I saw this quote pop up in my twitter feed. it was quoted by Sir Ken Robinson, pioneer of creativity in education and beyond (if you haven’t read The Element then check it out). He urges us to think outside the box, beyond the tangible and measurable elements that can so often serve to close us in more than help us reach our potential.

This measurable mentality is ingrained through the school system and then ultimately into our days beyond. It’s taken me most of my 30 years to break away from these confines, and i'm still working on it.

Life is not all about…. numbers, school curriculums, ticking the right boxes, following the crowd, doing what’s expected, measurable factors…

Life is all about… the small pleasures, personal achievements, laughter, good food, family, friends, health, freedom, gratitude, compassion…

Don’t try and tell me those things don’t count.


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