Mantra for Monday no. 86


We all had it as a child, a sense of curiosity and of wonder. What is this amazing world beneath of feet?

We explored, imagined, played, took risksed, laughed, cried… and started all over again. No regrets, no assumptions….but dreams and curiosity without the weight of the world to flatten them down.

Our curiosity flourished when we were young, it is our driving factor allowing us to find our way in the world.

So what then happens… do we ‘find’ our way and loose the innate curiosity? Do we simply get wrapped up in the woes and expectations of society that pushes curiosity to the bottom of the pile?

Routines are too often the culprit. Living a life revolving around routine creates a safety net which we cling too, eager not to let the unknown in. Where does this change happen… from when we were young and the unknown was exciting to growing up and seeking order?

Dig deep and take hold of the curiosity. Start small and remember your child-like thoughts and the experiences in which they took place…. Visit, parks and play on the swings, visit the beach and make sandcastles, fly kites and climb trees…. Find that sense of curiosity and simplicity and throw away the weight of expectation.

Think more

Explore more

Do more

Be more


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