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Tuesday is my main study day for the IIN course after the new module is released on Monday morning. I have to admit that in many ways I am finding the IIN course easier to get underway because it is highly structured with a new module each week and so there is a great incentive to maintain a steady pace and not get left behind.  

However TCA course is totally self structured and I need to enroll on the various modules and fast track days at my own pace under my own steam. Erm... that's kind of meant that so far I haven't made a significant start- I guess it's the overwhelm kicking in a little, since something that is self directed is easier to 'put off' and prioritise others less unknown tasks. Not that I want to undertake the course any less than IIN, so it's interesting how the two very different structures become assimilated into my daily life. I think the self directed study has actuality presented itself as something I need to work on...not relying on 'others' to assist but making the moves of my own accord.  i'll keep you posted on that in the next few days as I will definitely be making a start!!

One of the lectures from the last module was by  Robert Notter,  who talked about self care. This was very important to me as it is a key area I need to work hard on and I often undervalue it's importance.  This is a brief bulleted summary of the notes I took:

  • take one step at a time. It doesn't have to happen all at once
  • self care is a skill- it helps temper the extremes of life.
  • be sure to have primary food activity scheduled in your calendar!!!! gives you fuel.
  • eat healthy foods.
  • take breaks in your day
  • move your body- when you are sitting down you are holding everything in emotionally!!!! 
  • breathe deeply- oxygen restores the body
  • don't compare yourself to others. comparison is the biggest form of unhappiness. it doesn't take context into the equation. Be inspired by others but don't compare yourself to them. See others achievements as 'wow i can do that too' and it will happen.
  • energy vampires- people that complain about everything and drag you down. 'your outer world is a reflection of your inner world'. Your circle of friends is a reflection of you. Spend time with supportive people to help you move forward in your personal and business life.
  • ask for support when you need it.

  • What to do you do in your daily life that gives self care? Are there areas that you know need a little more attention?  I'd love to hear your thoughts too!





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