Back to school...with snacks!

Today is a special day of sorts… my little sister starts school!

Actually it's not quite what you're thinking- she's not actually starting school as such (she's not that much of a little sister!) She recently graduated as a primary school teacher and today is her first day in front of her new class of 30 kids!

Go Rachel!!

Just to embarrass her a little (i did ask permission) here she is on graduation day! :-)


rach grad blog.jpg

 So today I thought it was quite fitting, as it's back to school for many across the country and across the world, to have a little round-up of quick and easy healthy school snacks. I know that many schools have a 'no nuts' policy so I have tried to include as many nut-free recipes as possible and even those that do have-nuts can usually be swapped for seeds.

Great for lunchboxes and after-school snacks… And not just for kids, these are for all the family and make a great 'grab and go' snack. 

So, whilst you are busy shining shoes and sharpening colouring pencils to line brightly coloured pencil cases (please tell me you loved that part too?)  Answer me a question: what's your perfect 'grab and go' snack?

Here are a few of mine: (click the titles to go to the recipes)

Chocolate quinoa cookies

Protein packed and full of sustenance- these cookies will accommodate any 'mix-ins' you decide to throw at them!

gallery- choc quinoa cookie 2.jpg

Super seedy sun butter bars

Made with sunflower seed butter instead of nut butter


gallery- seed smoosh.jpg

Banana quinoa sheet cake

The healthiest banana cake around and robust enough to withstand being flung about a school bag.

gallery- quinoa banana cake.jpg

Buck-coconut balls

Crunchy balls with a difference!


gallery- buck coconut balls.jpg

Chocolate trailmix cookies

Another great recipe for throwing in any fruits, seeds or choc chunks you have to hand.

gallery- trailmix cookies.jpg

Chewy coconut granola bars

Simply because granola is always a good thing.

gallery- coconut granola bar.jpg
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