Some changes and my book preview!

It's been a crazy few days finalising my e-book ready for launch at my seminar next week...but i think i'm finally there. It's being proof read as i speak (my eyes can barely see the words any more!!)

On another note I've have also spent some time updating the 'Getting Started' tab at the top of the page- with new content on 'tips and substitutions' and 'ingredients'. Let me know what you think and any ways I could make it even more user friendly and informative for regulars and newbies to the site, I will of course continue to update content over time.

Below is a little sneak preview of my book....  it will available to purchase through my Wholeplus site (and linked on here) as of next week. I'm so scared and excited!! 

I am also looking to make a few changes round here today (if it comes together) or in the next couple of days. Since I am looking to gear up my health coaching service and also since Wholeplus has become a much bigger part if my life in the last couple of months I want to integrate everything i do and offer in a much more user friendly way.... so i figured the answer could be to have a new landing page. When you first come to Including Cake you will not auto-default to the blog but instead a landing page with 'blog' being one of the options. Nothing changes except one extra 'click' to get to where you want to be, and hopefully it will all be much clearer.

It's hard to visualise properly without giving it a try, so there may be a few teething issues to start with. But please please give me your feedback as the changes happen as It's so important to me that the experience is as seamless and used friendly as possible for you all..... so please let me know what you think about everything I do, always! :-)


Right, I'll go now.... more recipes soon I promise!!  

(p.s this book has lots of new recipes that don't and will not feature on the blog... it's a mix of the best old and new!)