Mantra for Monday no. 123


Two things were on my mind as I wrote today's 'Mantra'.

Firstly the quote itself which is taken from one of my current favourite authors and poets whose book 'Chases of the Light'  I recently bought. Poems written on scraps of otherwise throwaway paper somehow seem so poignant.

Secondly I have been doing a lot of research, reading and self reflection in the field of self sabotage, the fear of success and the fear of failure. Such an intriguing topic for me and something with which so many of us struggle. Therefore these questions seemed particularly fitting and today I thought I'd put them out there for you to consider too.

Often I find it helps to flip things on their head and consider from an objective point of view what really would be the worst case scenario in any seemingly 'fearful' situation. More often than not the worst case scenario, whilst it maybe uncomfortable or inconvenient is actually not that big a deal in the general scheme of things, and also when assessed against the potential for the positivity which we would otherwise never allow to flourish.  

Once we know and understand that worst case scenario, the fear of taking the leap or forging ahead into the unknown loses its power over us and actually becomes part of the exciting adventure.

Trust your heart and trust your wings.

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