Mantra for Monday no. 124


I love videos, podcasts, books and lectures that make you think. Really make you think. Things that turn your perspective on their head and help you question the status quo and consider that just because thing are the way they are doesn't mean that need to be or even should be.

I don't need 'answers', questions provide me with all I need to 'know'. They create the journey of discovery.

This video may not be for everyone, but it holds powerful messages over the nature of human thought and actions as a predetermined pattern of behaviour that makes life simpler. Maybe there is no rational thought at all.

The right path to being a happy, healthy person is to do all the s**t we already know we are supposed to do, becoming the most evolved person you have the capacity to be. Everybody makes their own path through this world, but most people don't follow that path there are most deeply drawn to.

In the end, just do the most you can.

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